Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Multiple Bombings Rock Mumbai!

There's a live blog at Telegraph UK, "Reports of at least 20 dead, over 100 injured."

And at New York Times, "3 Bomb Blasts Shake Central Mumbai":

MUMBAI, India — Three bomb blasts shook the city of Mumbai at the height of the evening rush hour on Wednesday, killing at least 20 people in what Indian officials called a coordinated terror attack on the country’s economic capital.

The explosions struck central locations in the city, including the crowded Dadar neighborhood; the Zaveri Bazaar, a well-known jewelry market; and near the Opera House, according to India’s Home Ministry, which said 113 people had been injured.

The attack was the first in Mumbai since militants from Pakistan mounted large-scale assaults on hotels, a train station and a Jewish community center in November 2008, killing more than 160 people.

No immediate claim of responsibility for the Wednesday bombings was reported. India’s home minister, P. Chidambaram, said at a news conference in New Delhi that terror investigation teams had been dispatched to the blast sites.
More at the link. Also, at Toronto's Globe and Mail, "Mumbai blasts a 'co-ordinated attack by terrorists': India's home minister."

1 comments: said...

it's really pathetic .Our Defense ministers need to answer that what our soldiers and local police Departments are doing.
how terrorist come in our city and state ? and how can they succeeded in their plans?

A COMMON MAN (AAM AADMI) GETS UP AND TAKES THINGS IN HIS OWN HAND as it will be matter of shame for the Government, as innocents get killed every time and the only thing what the Governments do is give Condolence Messages.."Its a pity that the culprits go unpunished and the Common Man goes through the Trauma of Loss of his Loved ones."

It will happen again...these terrorists can do it, because they know, there is no such punishment exists for these kinds of crimes. Only royal treatments as we are giving to Kasab and Guru...