Friday, July 15, 2011

Pat Dollard Slams California Gay History Law

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PREVIOUSLY: "California Textbooks to Include Gay Achievements."

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Bruce Hall said...

Now that polygamous marriage is being pushed as just another form of marriage...

... will Utah re-write their history books?

It's not enough to politely ignore fringe practices. Now children have to be "educated" about the contribution of those who engage in statistically fringe lifestyles. Yes, I know they were born that way, but so what? Why should history be skewed to focus on the sexual orientation of someone who invented a widget? Did it change the value of the widget?

And will the opposing viewpoint be given ink?

Donald Douglas said...

I'm amazed at this law, the California law, actually. I can't see that a Republican administration ---- a truly conservative one ---- would long stand for it. We'll see though, since we may not ever see a conservative governor for a long time.

Dennis said...

Don't worry California may get the chance to survive as a state on all of the widgets produced by gays. Just keep driving other businesses out and success will be yours.
At the very least once all of those "illegal aliens" from Mexico take over they probably will not tolerate a lot of the Leftist drivel very well, nor will certain "lifestyles" be in vogue.
Life is funny that way. The moment one thinks they have achieved political "Nirvana" is the moment where one has already taken several steps toward their political suicide.