Wednesday, July 20, 2011

W. James Casper is a Coward, a Fraud, and a Liar

Well, again, I hadn't planned on engaging this debate too much further, but my ace commenter and good friend Jan bravely ventured over to enemy territory today to repudiate the vile hatred that boils at American Nihilist. I've already attempted to talk reason with these people, but that's impossible, as I noted in an earlier post.

I'm not linking American Nihilist directly, as I rarely send traffic to epic asshole W. James Casper. Here's the Google link for the thread. I take my hat off to Jan, wading through that muck of pure dreaded evil. A cesspool of cowardice and lies. Repsac3 refuses to answer questions because he's ASFL and a sick little stump of a man. Jan states:
"I don't think that anyone should be falsely accused of just isn't right. We all have faults, no one is perfect, but I don't see the good in making false accusations, or trying to make others look bad."
And here's the cowardly W. James Casper's total spineless dodge:
I'm not sure what you meant by that... but I'm hoping that it's placement in the comments of this particular post are not simply a matter of happenstance...
It'd be funny if this wasn't so serious and evil. It's a straigthforward statement. I posted the details to my final comment at the previous thread yesterday. W. James Casper refuses to acknowledge the facts. His allies have "falsely accused" me of sexual harassment, impersonation, civil rights violations (alleged mandatory requirements of exploitative materials), etc. This is fact. And coward W. James Casper runs like a burnt chicken. The whole thread's one big fraudulent scam. And W. James Casper's lying. He writes earlier at the post:
Why has he been using my full name in his recent posts (or, what he thinks is my full name, anyway), when he and I had a conversation several years ago about my preferring to use this screen name online? Don't you think he's attempting to do me some harm by doing so?
Hello? No one's doing any "harm" to W. James Casper. I've never contacted his employer and W. James Casper blogs publicly, and he's done so as long as he's been stalking me and attempting to get me fired. He's a fraud, cheat, liar and coward. Here's his PuffHo page, with his name displayed for the entire world:


W. James Casper's avatar is a slithering reptile, and it's available on all his blogs, Twitter, and social networks. He's lying when he alleges he's being violated or "outed." The fact is he's an accomplice to bad acts that have crossed the line of propriety. When my good friend Jan called him out he went limp, avoiding the statement with "I'm not sure what you meant by that..."

Wrong. W. James Casper knows exactly what Jan meant by that. But his evil program of hatred forces him to lie and equivocate. He's like a vampire exposed to the sun. He's dying when forced with the truth.

That's what I have on my side: The truth and goodness. W. James Casper has lies and deceit.