Friday, September 30, 2011

Anti-American Glenn Greenwald Responds to Awlaki Strike on Democracy Now!

I linked Greenwald early this morning, freakin' ASFL.

And here's this, perfectly said, at Jawa Report, "If It Were 1945, Glenn Greenwald and the Left Would Be Lamenting the Death of Hitler":
But this a$$magot has nothing to write about the victims of al Awlaki and other terrorists. His only concern is that the terrorists didn't get 'due process'...

Sometimes there's a downside to the 1st Amendment, and it's having to listen to drivel like this. And yes, I will continue to cheer the death of terrorists, whether they were once a fellow American citizen or not.

Be sure to watch the interview, if you can, where Greenwald speaks so proudly of al Awlaki's radicalism and seemingly justifies terrorism in response to U.S. aggression in Iraq.

Greenwald hates America. He routinely attacks American policy as equivalent to the Nazis. What's amazing is how well his hate goes over. But that's the left for you.

RELATED: At National Journal, "No Due Process in Awlaki's Killing, Civil Libertarians Worry," and at New York Times, "Awlaki Killing Incites Criticism on Left and Libertarian Right."


Just a conservative girl said...

This doesn't bother me in the sense that I am glad to see them being consistent. If they spoke out about Bush policies, they have to speak out against Obama's as well.

I was saying to someone at work today who is a progressive that you have to be equally outraged or you are a hypocrit.

AmPowerBlog said...

Actually, I've said that of Greenwald exactly, but it' doesn't excuse his ugly anti-Americanism.

Dave said...

Democracy Now!

That alone should be all the flaming red flag you need to see concerning comrade Greenwald.

Democracy sucks.