Friday, September 23, 2011

Perry, Romney Go on Attack at Debate

Last night was open house at my youngest's school, so I missed the debate, although I doubt I actually missed all that much. See Wall Street Journal":

ORLANDO, Fla. — Republican presidential front-runners Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, taking up where they left off in their last on-stage meeting, attacked each other over Social Security and health care in a televised debate Thursday, with the Texas governor on defense for much of the contest.

The third Republican presidential debate in as many weeks showed the same dynamics as the prior two, with many of the candidates jabbing away at the Texan. In one exchange on immigration, Mr. Romney said he couldn't understand why Mr. Perry signed a Texas law giving in-state university tuition to illegal immigrants, something he said amounted to as much as a $100,000 subsidy for each.

"Nobody on this stage…has spent more time on border security than I have," Mr. Perry responded, charging that his rivals don't "have a heart."

He also said, "I feel pretty normal getting criticized by these folks," a week after saying the previous debate left him feeling like a piƱata.

Each time Mr. Perry tried to go on offense against Mr. Romney, the former Massachusetts governor brushed him off, twice with a dismissive "nice try."
More at the link.

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