Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Patti Stanger: 'There Is No Curbing the Gay'

I don't know this lady, but her comments are extremely interesting. Basically, she calls 'em as she sees 'em. At Us Magazine, "Patti Stanger Tells Gays: 'I've Tried to Curb You People'." This clip is controversial since she apparently doubles down, "Patti Stanger Clarifies Comments on Joy Behar Show, Receives More Backlash":

Stanger appeared on Behar's show to clarify what she meant.

"The gay men, they whip it out at eye lock," she said. "They get involved, and they find out later if they want a serious relationship.''

Behar said where she believed Stanger made a mistake.

"Here's where I think you went wrong, when you make it sound as if all gays are like that," she told Stanger. "If you said all blacks, all Chinese, all women, anything, it would get you in trouble."

Stanger said she has been a longtime champion of gay dating and gay marriage.
More: "Patti Stanger Sparks Controversy With Anti-Jewish, Gay Comments on Bravo."

Putting aside the awful Jewish slur ("Jewish men lie"?), the lady's basically saying that Los Angeles gay men reject monogamy. And if you recall, a major premise of the gay rights movement is that the homosexual community is not a stereotypical roaming bunch of bathhouse rim-station freaks. But then here you have a "millionaire matchmaker" on Bravo saying "you can't curb the gay." Hello! Andrew Sullivan! This lady's got your number. Again and again we see the homosexual rejection of traditional values, the values that underpin the institution of marriage. Gays will destroy it. See: "Gay Sexual Abandon and the Perverse Inversion of Values by Same-Sex Extremists." Are there some who won't stray? Of course, but the modern gay rights movement remains and an in-your-face activist movement that's by definition aggressive, out of bounds, and completely contemptuous of tradition. If it feel good do it, even on the streets of San Francisco! From their lifestyles to their political methods, the gay progressive are freak-master nihilists: Nudists, rim-station blow jobbers, and open-sex extremists. But hey, you're not supposed to say it! You'll be hammered with endless radical allegations of "bigotry." Yeah, the lame progressive cries of "intolerance." Give me a break. And we're not even talking about questions of non-discrimination: "Gay Marriage is Not a Civil Right." But because conservatives and people of decent values don't want to offend, they're getting beaten down by the endless gay bullying and homosexual thuggery. Screw these progressive freaks, ASFLs.