Monday, September 19, 2011

The Buffett Tax

At Wall Street Journal, "The Buffett Alternative Tax."

And a great Gerry Willis interview with House Speaker John Boehner:


RightKlik said...

I'm racking my brain trying to remember... When Warren Buffet was elected to speak for anyone?

How about the Limbaugh alternative tax rebate? Or the Tea Party Health Care Waiver Program?

Dave said...

Actually, Bonehead the Gutless Wonder, a fair tax rate would be passing the FairTax and getting rid of the regressive and socially manipulative federal personal income tax once and for all.

Thanks to government manipulation in the form of pushing more and more people off the tax rolls, we may have reached the point where there will not be enough taxpayers to cancel out the votes of the tax consumers come November of 2012.

Maybe you should stop doing TV interviews, get off your ass, and get busy derailing Obamunism.

And if you reach over the aisle one more time to make nice with the dems, I hope you get a hernia.