Monday, September 19, 2011

Greta Van Susteren: Tucker Carlson Neglected to Tell Politico That Mike Tyson's a Convicted Rapist

Yeah, that does seem to be a significant omission.

See Greta, "Journalism and Judgment – filling in the blanks for Tucker Carlson to Politico":
Tucker neglected to include in his remarks to Politico this am – and which I am now completing for him – is that it is a convicted rapist (not Peyton Manning!) who is spewing the most vile violence against women. Maybe Tucker wants to troll the prison to see what pretty things they have to say about women? And he can call that news? I am sure he can find some really, really, really famous rapist in prison to get a quote or two about women.
And Tucker's a friend of Greta's! Who needs enemies??!!

And Josh Painter has a huge roundup of reactions, at Texans for Sarah Palin.

The Politico story's at Memeorandum.