Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nudity Group in San Francisco Promotes Radical Gay Public Sex

At New York Times, "Protesters Bare All Over a Proposed San Francisco Law." Apparently folks hang out all day in the buff, at restaurants even. I doubt that'd be so appetizing.

Anyway, Zombie was on hand: "San Francisco’s naked protest and the ethics of public nudity." It turns out the "nude in" was sponsored by Bare Naked in Public. Zombie has a link to the website, which features all kinds of pictures of public homosexual sex acts. Naturally, all the San Francisco progressives are blabbering on about how this is just "free speech." Free public radical gay sex is more like it. I mean c'mon, it's not like decent middle class families are excited about raising their kids in the Castro. It's a gay red light district. These are same types pushing for homosexual marriage in California --- and mounting extremist hate campaigns against their opponents, the folks still standing for some old time values. What a disgrace, sheesh.

The Zombie post is probably NSFW, by the way. And that's say nothing of the rim-station blow jobbers at Bare Naked in Public.


Unknown said...

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