Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Republicans Slam Obama's Mideast Policy

At LAT, "GOP candidates target Obama's Middle East policy":

With world leaders in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, Republican presidential hopefuls seized the opportunity Tuesday to blame President Obama for the most contentious issues looming over the gathering, saying he had emboldened the Palestinians to push for statehood and endangered Israel by kowtowing to Iran, Muslim militants, and, in the words of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, "the orchestrators of terrorism."

Perry, speaking at a Manhattan hotel, made a pitch to Jewish voters by calling for Jerusalem — including East Jerusalem, which the Palestinians envision as the capital of their future state — to be the undisputed territory of Israel.
More at the link.

Also, at Yid With Lid, "Was Rick Perry's Israel Speech Over-The-Top? Let's Look at the Facts."


Unknown said...

Obama has offered a hand to Iran. What Obama got back was laughter, derision, and the undaunted intention of Iran to have nuclear power. How much oil do we depend on these sanctimonious psychopaths for? How much of the worlds trade travels through their regions? How much are we going to have to pay in our own ransom before there is another knife at our global throat?

My suggestion is to stand strong and respond to a bloody nose with a bloody nose and breaking of the knee.