Friday, September 23, 2011

Bristol Palin: 'Is it Because You're a Homosexual?'

Bristol Palin asked a perfectly good question. And of course, "homosexual" isn't a slur, but the progressive media's gay-hate enablers are on the case nevertheless. At Hollywood Gossip, for example, "Bristol Palin Harassed by Heckler, Responds With Unnecessary Gay Remark." And The Examiner, "Bristol Palin makes homophobic remarks during barroom altercation." Plus, New York Magazine calls it "polite homophobia":
Palin, who is flanked by her own film crew and the paparazzi, is clearly playing up the confrontation for the cameras, barely holding back a smile as she engages in an argument that can only go ugly places. That said, besides the relatively polite homophobia, her defense is spirited and her opponent can barely put together a sentence. It almost looks staged as Bristol taunts the guy until he screams, "Fuck you, you fucking bitch!" There couldn't be more perfect fuel for the Palin family fire.
Again, nothing homophobic about asking that. And note this from a decent fellow in the comments at Towleroad:
Sorry, folks, but that guy was way out of line. From what I saw in this video, he was the one behaving poorly, while Ms. Palin was just defending herself and her mother. I'm not fan of Sarah Palin, but that doesn't mean it is ok to heckle and harrass her daughter, and it certainly wasn't ok to heckle her about her relationship with Levi. That guy set gay rights back a few steps with his bitter, hysterical behavior.

More at ABC News, "Bristol Palin Gets in Verbal Brawl at Bull Riding Bar."


Gina said...

"Can only go ugly places"?? It STARTED in an ugly place! What is with these Palin-haters?

Concerned Patriot said...

The Palin haters are sexist and want he want her destroyed. They want to line Soros's pockets and leave the illusion of helping the poor. This helps the "progressives" stay in power.