Monday, September 26, 2011

Women Activists Pepper Sprayed at Occupy Wall Street Protest

Well, this is the big viral video of the day. And I love how it's edited, with stop action effects, to capture the moment the protesters were sprayed:

The New York Times has the story, "Videos Show Police Using Pepper Spray at Protest on the Financial System." And a big write up at Daily Mail, "'Expect us': Anonymous posts name and information about officer accused of pepper-spraying women at Wall Street protest."

And a photo-essay at Davids Camera Craft, "Occupy Wall Street march September 24th 2011." The woman screaming at top looks like a reject from the 1960s. And from the comments at the post, "The girl that got hit directly was shoving stuff in the face of the cops, from her hands and papers to someone's camera at one point." Right. I had a hunch they weren't so innocently "maced," as all the wannabe-sixties-radicals are yapping about at Memorandum. These people are losers, freakin' ASFLs.


Anonymous said...

I think if these little dopes in NYC want to see genuine abuse of female protesters (who have unimpeachable grievances) they need only to look at any number of posts about the Ladies in White at Babalu Blog. NYPD are amateurs. The Cuban authorities really know how to abuse innocent women...