Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Aaron Worthing Released From Custody at Montgomery County Jail, Rockville, Maryland

Aaron Worthing is out of jail and conservatives are ramping up the support networks.

Aaron is retweeting all the support, and Dan Collins has a nice roundup of today's news: "Aaron Walker Jailed on ‘Violation’ of Peace Order." And see Memeorandum for all the action.

It's going to take a long time to resolve things legally, but there's no doubt that progressives are waging all out lawfare. Mandy Nagy tweets this from "Occupy Rebellion," a sockpuppet supporting the Brett Kimberlin attacks:


I'll be updating, as always.

Meanwhile, Volokh has an excellent post with informed comments at the thread: "Aaron Walker, Brett Kimberlin, and the Fog of Litigation."

And see Hans Bader, "Injunction Imposed Over Blog Posts That Criticized Convicted Terrorist-Turned-Left-Wing Activist."

Added: See Jeff Goldstein as well, "And you thought justice was blind…"