Monday, May 21, 2012

Trayvon Martin Fight Club Video

Blazing Cat Fur reports, "Trayvon at the fight club..."

Blazing has the video on LiveLeak.

YouTube pulled the clip, but here's another. Trayvon Martin is said to be wearing the striped shirt and white cap:

And check the report at The Last Refuge: "Trayvon’s Fight Club – The Inconvenient Truth."

Plus, from Doctor Zero, at Human Events, "The Zimmerman case disintegrates: Beating people up because they looked at you funny is wrong":
The release of evidence in George Zimmerman’s murder trial quickly made a mockery of his second-degree murder charges, and threw a further layer of shame upon media and political opportunists who misrepresented a tragic, but fairly straightforward, case of lethal force employed in self-defense.

It is remarkable to take stock of this evidence and realize that it supports every single aspect of Zimmerman’s statement to the police.  His injuries are consistent with his account of physical assault by Trayvon Martin.  Martin’s gunshot wound occurred at the very short range described by Zimmerman, demolishing fantasies about a racist mall-cop wannabe stalking and murdering an innocent black kid for no reason...
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