Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Associated Press Declared Obama 'Kenyan-Born' in Report on 2004 U.S. Senate Race From Illinois - UPDATED!

UPDATE: Yid With Lid sends this along: "BREAKING- 2004 AP "Keynan-Born Obama" Phrase NOT From Associated Press."

Associated Press didn't not run the headline, just the main body of the story that ran in the Sunday Standard.

Either way, the fact remains the Obamas were only too happy to push the "Kenyan-born" meme. There are so many angles of duplicity now it's ridiculous.


I just personally find this amazing, utterly amazing.

Recall that in 2007 the Obamas were campaigning for the Democrat nomination and touting Barack's Kenyan ancestry. So here's this news out that in 2004 AP was pumping up Obama as "Kenyan-born" in its reporting on the U.S. Senate race for Illinois. Maggie's Notebook has the report: "2004 Headline: Kenyan-born Obama Set for US Senate."

And see "INS Doc Found: U.S. Certificate Issued to One East African-Born Child of U.S. Citizen in 1961!" (via Radio Patriot).

This is frankly WND territory, for example, "Lou Dobbs Mystified by Obama-Birth 'Taboo'." But as reported widely among conservatives, it's clear that the Obamas were eager to tout Barack's Kenyan heritage right up to the 2008 presidential race. But as the story broke last week, the Democrat-Media-Complex was quick to attack the new "birther" controversy, and the explanation quickly became that a mistake was made with the initial press release reported by Breitbart the other day. Thus, the Daily Caller asks: "If Obama’s false claim of Kenyan birth was just a fact-checking error, why did it take over 15 years to fact-check it?"

But as I reported earlier, there's been too many rookie mistakes made by those on the professional left. It's going to add up and some of the stories will be too big even for the subdued Mitt Romney to avoid. We're reaching a breaking point for the Democrats. I'm more confident than ever that Barack's going to be blown out of the water in November.

See also: "Obama's Lit Agency Used 'Born in Kenya' Bio Until 2007."

IMAGE CREDIT: The Looking Spoon, "Obama's World Famous Kenyan Spaghetti Maker."