Friday, May 25, 2012

Brooke Baldwin Didn't Take Tony Perkins 'to the Woodshed'

No, but a guy can dream, in any case.

Here's the headline at Mediaite, "CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Takes Tony Perkins to the Woodshed: ‘Why Do Homosexuals Bother You So Much?’" (via Memeorandum).

And watch the clip:

As much as I like Ms. Baldwin, her line of questioning's in fact ugly and pernicious, for it assumes that people who favor preserving traditional marriage dislike gays. Tony Perkins is a very genteel man and I know he's sincere when he says he has no problem with gay people. And in fact, he stays on point quite effectively despite Ms. Baldwin's illogical questioning.

One of the biggest lies on the left is that conservatives are "haters." Frankly, calling people "bigots" and "racists," etc., is all they have, as folks have been saying for a long time. I think it's good that Mr. Perkins stands his ground. I'm sure he's been attacked mercilessly by the left, as have others who've spoken out on the issues. What I don't like --- who I don't like --- are the radical progressives who demonize and attempt to destroy people on the basis of political differences. The Prop. 8 mobs literally targeted people who gave money to the campaign. They were outed, their businesses boycotted, they were spat on in public and physically threatened. And then progressives put up a website with Google maps of the initiatives supporters.  It was all about intimidation. That's what I don't like and that's what and who I fight against. Folks can be as homosexual as they choose, but don't come after me and call me a bigot or a "homophobe" because I believe that marriage is best defined as between one man and one woman.