Saturday, May 26, 2012

'Cold Fury' Responds to Patrick Frey's Post on the Left's Criminal Harassment Network

I gotta agree here, that Patterico is too kind when he argues that this isn't an ideological issue. See, "This Means War":
Read all of the incredible, sick-making story – which includes some perfectly typical and disgusting bile spewed by some of the violence-supporting left-wing animals who think things like this are just peachy – and gird your loins. Because it’s going to come down to shooting with these vermin eventually, if we’re to retain any rights at all. Patterico wouldn’t like me saying that, I’m sure; I don’t much like having to say it myself. But it’s a mere acknowledgment of current reality: we are in a cold war with neo-Marxists who are trying to steal our country, have already done enormous and probably permanent damage to it, and will stop at nothing–absolutely nothing–to see to it that our voices are silenced. That war must inevitably go hot, unless we’re willing to surrender to them.

And ICYMI, Dan Collins posted an epic entry, "Notorious Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Exposure Day Post."

BONUS: From Bob Belvedere, "Right Wing Bloggers Under Relentless Attack."