Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brett Kimberlin Death Threats Against Robert Stacy McCain?

I don't know, actually.

Robert Stacy McCain wrote yesterday that the police had been notified about the suspicious behavior of Brett Kimberlin, so my first thought was that Robert and his family were in physical danger. See: "Never Doubt That God Answers Prayer."

Kimberlin is a convicted terrorist bomber, so you can't be too careful under the circumstances. As of yesterday, Robert has been blogging from an undisclosed location, and he has updated this morning: "Brett Kimberlin Saga Takes a Bizarre Turn, Forcing Me to Leave Maryland""
My own encounter with Kimberlin’s attempted intimidation appears typical of his modus operandi, which students of psychology recognize as the habitual behavior of a deviant sociopath: Attempting to distract from his own malevolent actions by accusing his targeted enemies of doing to him what he is doing to them – and to many others. Several sources to whom I have spoken in recent days, who for obvious reasons wish to remain anonymous, have expressed suspicion that Kimberlin is doing this not only to hide his criminal past, but also in a misguided attempt to conceal his current malicious (and perhaps felonious) activities.

These are not accusations I make; rather, these are crucial elements of a newsworthy story that I am attempting to report. Kimberlin seems to be determined to prevent me – or anyone else – from reporting this story. In order to continue reporting it, without jeopardizing the safety of my family and other innocent people, I have been compelled to leave Maryland. Many people have responded to my appeal for prayer and financial assistance in this difficult crisis, but it is important to emphasize that this story is not about me.
Continue reading at the link. And be sure to hit Robert's tip jar --- I just did.

My previous entries are here: "Criminal Attacks on Conservative Bloggers: Update on Brett Kimberlin Intimidation Network," and "Convicted Terrorist Brett Kimberlin and the Left's Political (and Criminal) Intimidation Network."

And don't forget Aaron Worthing!

Aaron has been the primary target of these latest Kimberlin attacks, and he has an update: "“The More You Tighten Your Grip”: Brett Kimberlin’s Latest Petition For a Peace Order."

And Patterico weighs in on the latest developments:
Kimberlin and his crew have relentlessly harassed Aaron, me, and others over the course of the last several months. It is not harassment for us to tell the world what happened to us. It could happen to any of you. His supporters have outed or threatened to out commenters to this very site. They talk about wives, children, and fathers of bloggers and commenters. They ceaselessly abuse everyone they can who speaks the truth about Kimberlin’s past.

Ultimately, this is a free speech issue. Kimberlin and his group of thugs have done their level best to attack everyone in the blogosphere who wrote anything negative about him. Now the blogosphere is starting to wake up, and there are so many critics he can’t possibly intimidate them all.

But you can see he’s still trying.
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