Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Convicted Terrorist and Soros-Backed Activist is Beating Conservative Bloggers

Brett Kimberlin, an ex-terrorist and now jailhouse lawyer, is beating conservatives by abusing the legal process. This may be a short-lived victory, but it's true.

The main thing to notice today is that Aaron Worthing is shut down. He can't blog about what's happened. So in the larger analysis, much of the fighting we've been doing has been for naught. The one guy who really got us fired up is sitting at home, prohibited even from tweeting updates on the case. That is demoralizing.

That said, it's a long war, and Stranahan posts today's clarion call: "Brett Kimberlin’s Ambush of Aaron Walker Will Not Stand."

And see also Patterico's report, "Professor Jacobson on Brett Kimberlin’s Abuse of Process."

You can help Aaron's legal defense funding here.

I'll have more this afternoon...