Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Stopped For a 'Super Big Gulp' On the Way Home — While I Still Have the Chance!

I don't drink these too often, but I get a regular Coca Cola when I do.

Maybe I'll stop off for Super Big Gulps more often, the way things are going — Jerry Brown might get some big idea!

See the New York Times, "Bloomberg Plans a Ban on Large Sugared Drinks." Of course everybody's blogging on this at Memeorandum. I'll read around the horn a bit later. Meanwhile, Sarah Kliff at WaPo's Wonk Blog is digging it: "Why New York City’s Big Gulp ban could be a big success."

Big Gold

My wife is not digging it, however. She penned a letter this morning for a post on her Facebook timeline, a true libertarian:
Dear Government:
Stop telling me what I can and cannot drink.
Stop telling me what I can and cannot eat.
Stop telling what I can and cannot do.
This is f-king America!
I can dig that!