Friday, May 25, 2012

Progressives at 'No More Mister Nice Blog' Issue Death Threat: 'I Haven't Killed Anyone Since 'Nam...'

This took place last night. I've been commenting periodically over at Steve M.'s "No More Mister Nice Blog," and here's the post from yesterday: "Warren Surges Like a Republican."

I called out commenter "Ten Bears" for his genuinely asinine defense of Elizabeth Warren's alleged Cherokee ancestry. After a couple of iterations with Steve M. --- and after I linked the video of Michelle Obama boasting of Barack's "Kenyan birth" in 2007 --- I get threatened with death. Here's the key comments at the thread.


This is pretty interesting considering the massive conservative blogburst on the Brett Kimberlin story.

While these dwids are epic clusterf-ck losers, the episode is yet another example of the left's inclination to violence against those who stand up against progressive lies and propaganda.

It's no surprise, then, that my old hate-blogging stalker Walter James Casper III shows up in the comments there.

These people will stop at nothing. But the tide is turning and conservative sunshine is disinfecting the menace.

See: "Kimberlin Funders Stunned to Discover they Fund Kimberlin." (Via Memeorandum.)

UPDATE: Paul Lemmen links: "Death Threat: ‘I Haven’t Killed Anyone Since ‘Nam…’."