Sunday, May 27, 2012

MSNBC's Chris Hayes 'Uncomfortable' Honoring Fallen U.S. Troops, Spews About 'Rhetorically Proximate' Justifications for More War

This is how progressives "remember" the fallen, by dissing them as warmongering tools of imperialism.

See Daley Gator, "Chris Hayes epitomizes the definition of educated beyond one’s hat size" (via Memeorandum and NewsBusters):

I like to say that people who are, while educated, lacking in real wisdom, are educated beyond their hat size. What I mean is that they do not possess the ability to apply their education to the real world. They are, at times, lacking common sense, and do not, apparently have the capacity to accept simple truths. These people are too enamored with nuance. I have worked with such people. Yes they are intelligent, well educated, but they can never seem to grasp that the solution to a problem, or the answer to a question might be the simplest one available. Maybe to them, simple always equals stupid. Their addiction to over thinking and over analyzing everything prevents them from accepting that some things just are what they are.
Read it all at the link.

I started blogging to fight the antiwar left. Mr. Hayes brings back old memories.