Monday, May 21, 2012

'Big Bain Backfire'

The Obama-Democrats are taking hits left and right.

Honestly, if things continue to go the way they're going, they'll be hit with the biggest presidential blowout since 1964. President Johnson was elected in his own right that year with 61.1 percent of the popular vote and the Democrats controlled the 89th Congress, starting in 1965, with a 295 to 140 majority in the House and a 65 to 35 seat majority in the Senate. Sure, that sounds miraculous, but with this economy and the circular firing squad of the Democrat Party's professional left, 2012 could at least beat the 1980 election, when Republican Ronald Reagan took 50.7 percent of the popular vote compared to 41 percent for incumbent Jimmy Carter (third party candidate John Anderson ran as an independent, taking 6.6 percent of the vote). Reagan in 1980 also took the Electoral College 489 to Carter's 49 .

It's still early, but if mainstream Democrat-Media-Complex outlets like ABC News start turning on the administration, things can't be looking good. See, "Obama Campaign Does Damage Control After Dems Question Anti-Bain Strategy" (via Memeorandum):
Chief Obama strategist David Axelrod today publicly rebuked Booker, a popular and high-profile surrogate for the campaign, saying he was “just wrong”....

Republicans have been gleeful with the apparent divide among Democrats over the portrayal of Romney’s Bain days.  The Romney campaign produced a web video – “Big Bain Backfire” – highlighting the comments, while the Republican National Committee purchased ads on Twitter to play up the Booker flap.
Here's the Romney ad:

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