Friday, July 20, 2012

ABC News Apologizes for Tea Party Blood Libel in Colorado Movie Massacre

Mary Katharine Ham reports, "Details about Colorado shooter emerge as ABC apologizes for false Tea Party reporting."

I first saw the news this morning at my sidebar blog feed, for example, at Lonely Conservative, "Batman Massacre is Already Being Politicized," and Instapundit, "POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM":

CNN’s Piers Morgan, First to Use Colorado Tragedy to Assault Second Amendment Rights. I’m sure he won’t be the last.

Others may blame Hollywood. In both cases, it’s a mix of opportunism and a desire not to confront the existence of evil. Well, okay, in Piers Morgan’s case, it’s not much of a mix, really.

UPDATE: Left Blames Aurora Shooting On Rush Limbaugh. Of course they do. Hey, never let a tragedy go to waste, when you might use it to smear an opponent.

Every time something like this happens, they roll out the blood libels.
Click through here for all of Glenn's links. Plus, "FIRST, ABC NEWS CONNECTS THE COLORADO SHOOTING WITH THE TEA PARTY, now Brian Ross says oops, sorry about that" (lots of links there too). And, "BUT REMEMBER, THE BIG MEDIA FOLKS ARE “RESPONSIBLE,” NOT LIKE THOSE GRUBBY BLOGGERS..."

More, at The Other McCain, "MULTIPLEX MASSACRE: 13 Dead After Shooting at Colorado ‘Batman’ Opening; UPDATE: Suspect Identified by Police as 24-Year-Old James Holmes; UPDATE: ABC News Interviews Suspect’s Mother? UPDATE: Despicable — Stephanopoulos Implicates Tea Party in Tragedy," and "‘Higher Education Bubble’? Colorado Shooter Is Medical School Dropout."

And Steve at No More Mr. Nice Guy was out of the gate looking for a tea party perp:
Well, I'll confess that I tried to find this guy online, and, searching "jim holmes aurora" in Google Discussions, I found messages at rec.guns (the one here that begins "(unknown) Hitech sells them") and alt.survival (click the second "no one" message here) -- but in both cases the messages are from more than a decade ago. The suspect is 24. I don't think he'd be offering to buy a bunch of weapons (as he is in the second message) as a middle-schooler.
But boy, if there was an age match that would have made an excellent tea party smear, right Steve? Stay classy, dude. More at Memeorandum.

Added: Here's the Brian Ross segment:

Also at Twitchy, "Ghouls: Daily Kos editor, Amanda Marcotte say nothing wrong with ‘scoring political points’ on the backs of the dead; Update: Geraldo Rivera also ghoulishly defends politicizing tragedy."