Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bloodthirsty Leftists Go Absolutely Psycho-Killer Over Cliven Bundy Resistance to Federal Power

As I said at my last post, the Bundy family appears to come up short on many of the issues in the roundup saga and its antecedents. But the level of seething hatred among leftist over this story was frankly shocking, and I'm not often shocked by the leftist ghouls.

Here's a couple of tweets to give you a feel for the murderous mentality leftists express for the Bundys:

And here's pretty bloodthirsty post at the hard-left hate site Daily Kos, "Cliven Bundy is a Big Fat Million Dollar Welfare Dead Beat!":
I mean, if you really look at the facts of the case at the heart of his dispute with the Bureau of Land Management over grazing fees he's refused to pay for the last 20 years - Cliven Bundy has long enjoyed the benefit of Federal Resources without actually meeting the requirements for access to those resources.

The issue has been litigated in court, more than once, and Bundy has lost each time on the merits of his case. He is NOT ENTITLED to access to this land. It doesn't belong to him. In fact that land Belongs to ME and to every other citizen of the United States. That's MY Land that his cows have been grazing on for 20 years and he OWES ME and the rest of the American People for it.

Cliven Bundy is a God Damn [Corporate] Benefits Dead Beat and a THEIF. He's a Moocher! A Lazy Taker!. He should pay the frack up, or else face jail. I mean isn't that how all those good Americans on Fox News like Eric Bolling are constantly telling us about people who Improperly take Federal Benefits!
It's much more complicated than that, but should any American family stand up against federal power, leftists will be first out of the gate to have them crushed --- murdered even --- for resisting the all-powerful collectivist state.