Sunday, April 6, 2014

Grocery Owner Chauncy Childs Donates to 'Gay Suicide Prevention Group' in Bid to Appease Homosexual Torquemadas

Yeah, and maybe she'll save a few homosexuals from dying of AIDS first.

No doubt she's a nice lady, but boy big mistake in expressing her traditional Christian views on Facebook. And in Portland! You might as well descend on the Castro District with a "God Hates Fags" sign around your neck, lol!

At Freedom is Fabulous, "The Tolerance Gestapo – Grocery Store Must Be Stopped!":
According to Oregon Live, a farmer who is opening a store in Sellwood, had the unmitigated gall to twice post her personal opposition to gay marriage on her private, personal FaceBook page. That means the Gay and Tolerance Gestapo have to spring into action to make sure the store owner knows she is being watched, and she might not find this tolerant community so welcoming. No kidding. Here’s a quote from the story from a Disingenuous White Progressive:

“They’re choosing to open a business in a very open-minded neighborhood,” said Tom Brown, owner of Brown Properties and president of the Sellwood Moreland Business Alliance. “I think their personal views are going to hurt.”

See, you’re going to get hurt if your personal views clash with the “open-minded” population...

Now get this, the neighborhood homosexual Torquemada Sean O'Riordan made a seven-minute YouTube clip attacking Ms. Childs for her opinions, in what essentially worked as a shakedown racket. He removed the video once Ms. Chauncy made her contribution to the homosexual foundation. At KGW Portland, "Man takes down video that sparked gay rights controversy."

O'Riordan's statement is here.

And here's Ms. Childs' confession and apology for her thought crimes, "A MESSAGE FROM THE OWNERS OF THE MORELAND FARMERS PANTRY":
You may be aware that the media has been asking questions about the personal opinions of the owners regarding gay marriage and freedom of expression. We understand that this is a sensitive topic for many. We would like to reiterate our position that we will not discriminate against anyone in any form. We support diversity and anti-discrimination in all business practices. As a gesture of goodwill we donated $1,000 to the LGBTQ Youth program of the Equity Foundation in Portland. This program supports safe communities for LGBTQ individuals where sexual orientation and gender identity should not be the basis for social alienation or legal discrimination. We encourage others to make additional donations to this worthy cause at: Equity Foundation...
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Oh brother.

More at Gateway Pundit, "Gay Mafia Targets Oregon Grocer Over Anti-Gay Marriage Facebook Statements."

And on it goes, at the Portland Mercury, "Is the Furor Over a Sellwood Market Now Turning Toward Nick Zukin?"

Arrest that man!