Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Atlantic Takes Down Racist Photoshop of Antonin Scalia — #LiberalRacism

Following-up from my post earlier today, "Racism at @TheAtlantic: Leftist Hypocrisy in Action."

The editors took down Robinson Meyer's racist Photoshop, although the dude's tweet is still live:

I called him out and tweeted the editors. Damned idiots finally wised up to their hypocrisy.

I did tweet all the editors.

Then, while out with my family I noticed they'd taken down their racist image. I didn't know that Sotomayor is of Puerto Rican descent (Jeanette Victoria mentioned it in the comments at the post). Had I known I'd have tweeted some Puerto Rican dishes she could've been daydreaming about in a racist Atlantic Photoshop of the first Latina Supreme Court justice. It's amazing to me that Robinson Meyer and the Atlantic editors never gave their racism a second thought. Must be white privilege, or something. Whatever. You've got to hold 'em to their own standards. Go Alinsky on the bastards. If you don't they'll continue to get away with the most disgusting racist hypocrisy imaginable. Seriously. Their leftist hypocrisy is genuinely evil. I'm sick of these scumbags. Sheesh.