Monday, July 21, 2014

Walter James Casper 'Reaching Out' to Anti-Israel #ANSWER Communist 'CassandraRules'

Following up from my previous entry, "Los Angeles #Gaza Protesters Demand Extermination of Israel and Death to the Jews."

Just wanted to get on record how my racist, anti-Semitic hate-troll stalker is "reaching out" to the ANSWER communists I've been covering at the blog. Seriously. This dude is one messed up stalking troll:

She's not a good person, an America-bashing anti-Israel Jew-hater. Just Repsac's kind. Israel is no different from Nazi Germany. BDS much?

Bonus "Cassandra" tweeting an upside down American flag from the Anaheim anti-brutality protest:

And one of "Cassandra's" Anonymous pals, death-wishing Israeli Jews:

You can see why Repsac's "reaching out" to these demons. Sheesh.

Racist stalking hate-troll Walter James Casper III. One sick mofo, man.