Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Controversy Rages Over Melania Trump's Speech at #RNCinCLE (VIDEO)

Here's the CNN headline right now at Memeorandum, "Melania Trump's speech plagiarizes parts of Michelle Obama's."

And at Bloomberg, "RNC Chair Reince Priebus says he'd "probably" fire Melania Trump's speechwriter," and "What will Melania's speech cost the Trump campaign?"

I don't think it's going to "cost" the campaign. If anything, the left's attacks on Melania will make her sympathetic and feed into The Donald's playbook.

However, no one's been fired yet, which I think's a mistake. Trump should hold someone responsible then blame the media for fanning the flames of overkill. In any case, at the Washington Post, "In convention’s rocky start, deeper questions emerge about Trump."

And watch, "Watch Melania Trump Plagiarize Michelle Obama's 2008 Democratic Convention Speech."