Friday, June 13, 2008

Daily Kos Documents Official Coordination with Obama Campaign

Readers may know that Daily Kos published Barack Obama's "Certification of Birth" yesterday, apparently in a bid to tamp down speculation that the Illinois Senator is foreign born or otherwise not fully forthcoming about his family origins.

Questions of authenticity as to Obama's birth document surfaced immediately. Thus in what I would consider a major revelation, Kos himself has revealed that the document was provided by the Obama campaign itself.

When asked where he got the certificate, Kos says,
in the comments to the post:

I asked the campaign ...
Think about this: With all the attention to Barack Obama's community blogs, on the campaign's official website, here we have more evidence that Obama is comfortable in endorsing the work of preachers of hate.

The Kos page still hosts the rabidly anti-Semitic entry, "
Eulogy before the Inevitability of Self-Destruction: The Decline and Death of Israel."

Kos himself recently attacked John McCain's physical appearance, ridiculing the Arizona Senator in a post entitled "
McCain's Teeth."

The "teeth" post is particularly egregious, considering that the McCain's teeth
were broken off at the gumline by his North Vietnamese captors in 1968. As Captaid Ed has noted concerning Kos' attacks on McCain's appearance:

You know, I fail to see how this heals the oceans, helps Michelle Obama’s kids, or has anything to do with why people should vote for or against John McCain. Then again, I’m not the blogosphere’s cheerleader-in-chief for a candidate with no executive experience, no foreign-policy experience, no military experience, and a grand total of three years in national office with no legislative track record. If I was, I’d be tempted to find distractions like the tooth color of a man whose mouth and the rest of his body got tortured and beaten for five and a half years in service to this country.
Note the Captain's reference to the blogoshere's main "cheerleader" for Obama.

This is important, as Kos' page is one of the most prominent repositories of the left's anti-military culture - indeed, Kos himself has argued prevously that every death in Iraq "
should be on the front-page," in furtherance of the left's antiwar program of military delegitimization.

I've noted before how
Kos claims that his netroots movement represents the mainstream of the Democratic Party.

Thus, it's significant to see now that the presumptive Democratic nominee has confirmed this claim, by providing documentary evidence of birth certification to Markos Moultisas himself.

Now, step back and think about the political parties in terms of organization and hierarchy: The presidential nominee - who is to be officially endorsed by the party at the summer nominating convention - is the spokesperson for the movement and goals of that partisan entity and its popular following.

I have often been spuriously criticized by left-wing nihilists for alleged loose, "guilt by association" attacks on left-wing bloggers and Democratic Party antiwar hacks. But make no mistake, with this latest development in political coordination between Daily Kos and the Obama campaign, we're seeing the true development of a seamless union between the hardcore base of the McCain-bashing anti-Semitic netroots hordes and the top tier of the Democratic Party establishment.

So let me send out the call once more for conservative unity. Our political opponents will sink to the lowest depths of demonization to hatch their plan for a radical takeover of this country.