Monday, June 2, 2008

More Pfleger: "America Is The Greatest Sin Against God"

Jack Tapper reports that Michael Pfleger's controversial sermon denouncing Hillary Clinton's also included attacks on this country as a "sin Against God":

In another excerpt from Rev. Michael Pfleger's sermon last Sunday, May 25, from the pulpit of Sen. Barack Obama's now former church, Trinity United Church of Christ on the South side of Chicago, the longtime Obama associate condemns America for racism in fairly harsh terms.


"Racism is still America's greatest addiction," Pfleger says. "I also believe that America is the greatest sin against God."

There seems to be a mixed reaction to that from the pews. But Pfleger explains:

"If the greatest command is to love, than the sin against love must be the greatest sin against God who IS love and who calls us to love one another. So that this greatest sin against God, racism, it's as natural as the air we breath."

Obama, of course, resigned from Trinity on Friday, saying he didn't want to be held accountable for every word spoken from the pulpit at the church, and he didn't want the church to continue to have the media disrupting its worship. The last straw may have been Pfleger's mocking of Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, from the pulpit in this same sermon.

But Obama's relationship with Pfleger -- who is the priest at a different, Catholic, church -- spans decades.
Jennifer Rubin also comments on Obama's statement that he has "deep regard" for the hate-filled preachers of his former church:

True to form, Barack Obama’s explanation yesterday of his reasons for leaving Trinity Church are a model of double-talk....

The Trinity cast of characters and Obama’s reaction to them have been more revealing than more a dozen-plus debates, all the speeches, and just about anything that has happened in over a year of campaigning. It might be even more revealing if the media would take their role seriously and press Obama on some of these obvious points. But Obama, however inadvertently, has done a fairly good job of letting us know how he makes both political and moral judgments. And that is perhaps the most important thing to know about a potential President.
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