Saturday, September 27, 2008

American Power Fan Mail

I must be doing a great job lately.

My essays have been getting linked by a considerable number of blogs on the left-wing fringe, like
At Largely, LGM, Stump Lane, and TBogg.

The traffic's nice, thank you, but the comments at the posts get old fast. My skin's thickened up a bit over the last couple of years, so I don't get too bothered by the attacks. Besides, it's like
Mike's America once told me: "It's a badge of honor ... you know you're really getting to 'em."

My writing's been all over the place on the issues, but a common theme is often Palin Derangement Syndrome (or just
left-wing nihilism generally).

But apparently
my post on Matt Taibbi's way-over-the-top attack on the Alaska Governor generated some considerable resentment, at least if this e-mail from an outraged lefty is any indication:

I was going to say sophomoric...

But pathetic is better. You say you “despise the hard left agenda” yet you “abhor irrationalism.” Your diatribe on Taibbi’s Oct. 2 Rolling Stone article has no rationalism in it. It is as fully emotional and full of invective as the piece of writing you criticize, just nowhere near as imaginative and insightful. And you are just plain unoriginal and ordinary. I guess that explains why he’s a nationally syndicated writer and TV personality and you are a pathetic blogger. You are a hypocrite too, but that’s not surprising; I’ve found it to be a necessary prerequisite for neoconservatism. That you are an Associate Professor, even of some podunk JC in the OC, yet aren’t well schooled and self-critical enough about your blather to catch and edit obvious oxymorons is also not surprising considering the poor state of education in this country. Nor is it surprising, based on the above, that you would tout your academic credentials and spout your mindless, uncritical slavish patriotism (“I fully support current U.S. military operations throughout the world”) in one breath. (I doubt there is one American general that would make that blanket of a statement. Certainly many have voiced the contrary.) Do the world a favor. Stop masquerading as someone who’s got anything at all important to say about anything and make yourself at least of some use by getting a manual labor job. Leave the thinking to those who are endowed with intelligence and real learning.

Palin Rolling Stone

I must be getting up there in the "wingnutiasphere," perhaps along with Michelle Malkin, who gets this stuff in her inbox routinely.

All in a day's work, I guess.

(And note, as well,
that I did - finally, ha! - get linked at Newshoggers a while back, which was a tremendous success after years of tormenting old Cernig, the nihilist, enemy-cheering proprietor of that concern.)