Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama Denies Link to Palin Video Smear Attacks

The Jawa Report has details on Barack Obama's denial of any involvement in the anti-Palin video smears that have been linked to media strategist David Axelrod.

the initial highlight video from Jawa Report, which essentially proves a voice-narration match between the anti-Palin smear video and those used in Obama's official campaign spots:

Jawa links to Marc Ambinder, who has the Obama denial:

For the record, here is what Obama campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor has to say:

"This one ranks as one of the most outlandish conspiracy theories in a campaign that has had its share of them. Neither our campaign nor any of our consultants had any involvement with this YouTube video, and the McCain campaign should provide a shred of believable evidence before advancing false allegations and misleading voters yet another time."
Ace of Spades says the Obama folks are lying:

I think they produced this video in house, then realized what a stinking pile of lies it was, and so coudn't run it themselves.

So they sent it to their friends (and colleagues) at Winner & Associates and told them "Take it viral."

And Ethan Winner passed it to his friend Geekesque to spread on Daily Kos.
Geekesque denies it, but recall this screen-cap from Daily Kos:

Kos Palin Smear

The original Kos post has vanished, unsurprisingly.

Recall, of course, that Daily Kos is Barack Obama's main netroots squeeze, and
I've documented previously the campaign's official coordination with Markos Moulitsas in the release of Obama's certification of live birth.

Jawa Report's investigation appears first-rate (see
Ray Robison's summary report as well), and it's a shame that little reporting in the mainstream press has followed up this story so far.

And don't forget: All of these smears and cover-ups are "
symptomatic of the left's political culture of deceit."