Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rolling Stone Smears Palin as "Gidget at the Reichstag"

I read Rolling Stone's new attack-piece on Sarah Palin the other night.

Palin Rolling Stone

Entitled "The Lies of Sarah Palin," the piece was so over-the-top with screaming left-wing excrement I was literally shaking my head in disbelief while wading through the article's demonizing slurs - and this is after 9 months of non-stop Democratic assassination politics in which nothing has been considered out of bounds. Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone's in-house attack-master, has outdone even the most evil smear-merchants of the nihilist leftosphere, and that's saying alot, given the depths of the depravity so far mucked by the left's anti-Palin industry.

And I asked myself: How many young Americans actually read this nihilist bull?

Rolling Stone's not only a popular rock-junky rag, but is available at supermarket checkout stands nationwide. Young Obama supporters, already dazed and confused by "The One's" ethereal nothingness, will be amply indoctrinated into even more mindless drivel with Rolling's Stone's bird-cage padding.

Now it turns out that Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone's publisher (who also rolled out Us Weekly's tabloid slam on Palin earlier this month), is sending out the current issue unsolicited to mailbox's nationwide. As
an e-mailer to Michelle Malkin notes:

Dear Michelle - I was surprised to pull Oct. 2 issue of Rolling Stone magazine out of my mailbox day before yesterday addressed to my 20 year old college daughter. I asked her if she had subscribed and she said no. After the US mag cover and hatchet job on Sarah Palin and knowing same person owns both mags, I think this might be a subtle way to influence young 1st time voters in presidential race. We live in Virginia and I have heard it’s a toss up state. Rolling Stone cover headline says “The Lies of Sarah Palin.” Magazine calls her a “tawdry, half-assed fraud.” The article is disgusting. Was this just a random thing or was the magazine sent unsolicited to quantities of young voters?
Check the link for additional testimonials, and especially the recommendation for recipients to send the issue back REFUSED via return-trip U.S. postal service.

Here's taste of Taibbi's vileness:

Palin is a symbol of everything that is wrong with the modern United States. As a representative of our political system, she’s a new low in reptilian villainy, the ultimate cynical masterwork of puppeteers like Karl Rove. But more than that, she is a horrifying symbol of how little we ask for in return for the total surrender of our political power. Not only is Sarah Palin a fraud, she’s the tawdriest, most half-assed fraud imaginable, 20 floors below the lowest common denominator, a character too dumb even for daytime TV — and this country is going to eat her up, cheering her every step of the way. All because most Americans no longer have the base energy to do anything but lie back and allow ourselves to be jacked off by the calculating thieves who run this grasping consumer paradise we call a nation…

…She appeared to be completely without shame and utterly full of shit, awing a room full of hardened reporters with her sickly-sweet line about the high-school-flame-turned-hubby who “five children later,” is “still my guy.” It was like watching Gidget address the Reichstag.
"Gidget at the Reichstag" is one of the most inventive BDS-style slurs I've seen, but it's totally keeping with this week's stream of filth pushing the "BushCo fascist coup" meme and accompanying calls for a popular uprising against the state.

Click here for the full text of "The Lies of Sarah Palin."

Read it, rip it apart in a post, and send it viral. The left is doing everything it can to alienate middle Americans from the Democratic Party, so let's return the favor with the widest possible distribution of this trash.