Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rioting Could Follow "Racist" GOP Victory in November

I highlighted another left-wing essay this morning arguing that an Obama loss in November would be explicable only in terms of racism.

It gets tiring, the smears and denunciations of thoughtful citizens as bigoted rednecks, and there are not enough hours in the day to debunk this endless stream of gunk clogging up the public information stream.

Thankfully, Dennis Prager has
a concise explanation of the left's continued cries of racism in the event of an Obama defeat. Black Americans will be the main source of outrage, suggests Prager, but the media build-up of "entrenched" white racism and alleged Atwater-esque GOP racial "swift-boating" is paving the way for an urban eruption:

If Obama loses, it will not be deemed plausible that Americans have again rejected a liberal candidate, indeed the one with the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate. Liberals will explain an Obama defeat as another nefarious Republican victory. Combining contempt for many rural and middle-class white Americans with a longstanding belief in the inevitability of a Democratic victory in 2008 (after all, everyone they talk to despises the Republicans and believes Republicans have led the country to ruin), there will be only one reason Obama did not win - white racism.

One executive at a black radio station told me when I interviewed him on my radio show at the Democratic National Convention that he could easily see riots if Obama loses a closely contested election. Interestingly, he said he thought blacks would be far more accepting of a big McCain victory.

I pray he is wrong on the first point. But it does seem that liberals are continuing to do whatever they can to increase anger at America, or at least at "white America." For 40 years, liberals have described the most open and tolerant society on earth as racist and xenophobic. If Barack Obama loses, the results of this liberal depiction of America may become frighteningly apparent.
I argued during the primaries that rioting would erupt in the nation's cities if Obama was denied the nomination at the Democratic convention in August. My argument proved moot, although I don't doubt that we might see massive street violence in the event of an Obama loss in the election, especially if a state like Florida or Ohio sees voting irregularities preceeding a McCain victory in the final Electoral College tally. The election so far has been unprecedented in the depths of recrimination within Democratic precincts, and it could all come out double-barreled in a burst of unrest after the polling ends.

In that event, note that it won't be just the urban poor who will riot. The netroots lumpen blogetariat's been making the case for insurrection against the "BushCo fascists," so certainly the ideological grounds for direct action among the "progressives" has been firmly established.