Monday, September 15, 2008

Obama Alleged to Undermine President During Wartime

Via Andrew McCarthy, "McCain Responds to Obama's Reported Undermining of the Commander-In-Chief During Wartime":

The McCain Campaign has issued a statement responding to the report from Amer Taheri (see today's web briefing) that Sen. Obama secretly negotiated with the Iraqi government regarding U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. McCain spokesman Randy Scheunemann stated as follows:

At this point, it is not yet clear what official American negotiations Senator Obama tried to undermine with Iraqi leaders, but the possibility of such actions is unprecedented. It should be concerning to all that he reportedly urged that the democratically-elected Iraqi government listen to him rather than the US administration in power. If news reports are accurate, this is an egregious act of political interference by a presidential candidate seeking political advantage overseas. Senator Obama needs to reveal what he said to Iraq's Foreign Minister during their closed door meeting. The charge that he sought to delay the withdrawal of Americans from Iraq raises serious questions about Senator Obama's judgment and it demands an explanation.

Fox News reports that Obama has denied the story, "Obama Camp Denies He Tried to Delay Withdrawal Agreement of Troops From Iraq."

Just getting these allegations out into the press is damaging, but if independent corroboration emerges, this story is deadly to Obama's election chances.

Earl Hutchinson knows this, so he attacks the messenger, and then prays:

The Iranian-born Taheri who reports the alleged "private" conversation between Obama and Zebari has been roundly and repeatedly slammed as a rabid, political ax grinding neo-con shill. He may well be that and more. Still, the charge is out there, so Team Obama please say that it's nonsense.
What a potentially devastating surprise, and it's not even October yet!

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