Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Obama Supporters Vandalize Palin Wikipedia Entry

Members of the Barack Obama’s social network community at Obama's official campaign homepage have been involved in vandalizing Sarah Palin's Wikipedia entry. William Beutler has the report, in " Who is Encouraging Obama Supporters to Vandalize Sarah Palin’s Wikipedia Article?

Beutler has traced the origins of the Palin tampering to Stephen Ewen, an Obama social networker with ties to various other social networking and online information websites:

Palin Wikipedia

Stephen Ewen is a sometime critic of both Wikipedia and Sarah Palin, as of recently an active opponent of the governor on Wikipedia and, as of today at least, an activist using tools provided by the Obama campaign to suggest that fellow supporters make life difficult for the dozens of editors doing real work to improve the article.
Read the whole thing, here.

Beutler has made a note of this malicious activity at Wikipedia's talk page.

So far, it looks like there's absolutely nothing morally out of bounds to left-wing backers of "The One."