Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dreaming of Sarah Palin?

The main reason I'm so excited about Sarah Palin is in the way she's positively energized the Republican base. I still can't get over the campaign's absolute rejuvenation this last few weeks, and that's after McCain was already catching Barack Obama coming out of the Saddleback Civil Form. And while McCain's shown decisive strategic wisdom in selecting Palin, the Alaska Governor is turning out to be McCain's savior, particularly among the GOP's conservative base.

It's endlessly fascinating. Still, I do not dream of Governor Palin.

It turns out that's more than can be said
for many on the left:
I rarely remember my dreams, but for the past week, GOP vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin has been haunting me. Night after night, she appears in my dreams, always as a scolding, ominous figure.....

Palin has gripped the American imagination in a way that seems designed to burrow into our dream lives. Palin's supermom abilities provoke envy and anxiety in women, especially other working mothers. Her instant celebrity and dazzling speech have panicked Obama supporters who thought they had the election in the bag. And then there's her sex appeal. A couple of conservative men I know have mentioned that they've been having sexual fantasies about the Alaska governor. I'm sure they're not alone.
Even the radical Matthew Yglesias dreams of Sarah Palin!

Jonah Goldberg's on the case:

Guys, push away from the keyboard and take a walk around the block.
Good advice.

Meanwhile, the McCain/Palin ticket
continues to climb in public opinion, and Palin's even pulling in white women voters.

Maybe it's not just the guys who're dreaming of that moose-hunting mom of the last American frontier!