Monday, September 15, 2008

McCain/Palin's Fundamental Leadership on Economy

Here's the new John McCain ad buy on the campaign's economic leadership, "Crisis":

Barack Obama hammered McCain earlier today for his comment suggesting the "fundamentals" of the ecomony remain solid.

But it turns out that
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg agrees with McCain:

I guess I do agree that fundamentally America has an economy that's strong," Bloomberg said during a Blue Room press conference this afternoon in response to the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, Merrill Lynch sale and teering of AIG.

"America's great strength is its diversity, is its hard work, its good financial statements, its broad capital markets, enormous natural resources," the mayor continued. "And the great American ethic of...We may yell and scream a little bit, but in the end, Americans get on with it. They go out and they find new careers. They start new companies. They want better for their children, even if it means hard work and sacrifice for themselves. Are we without problems? No.
Interestingly, Lawrence Kudlow, in praising Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's leadership during the crisis, confirms the soundness of McCain/Palin's approach to economic management:

There are many ... issues wound up in all this. But one thing's for sure. Keeping tax rates low, holding back cheap-money inflation, strengthening the dollar, and building a more effective regulatory structure that does not stifle free enterprise is what will promote long-run economic prosperity. For optimists like myself, the plunge in oil and gas pump prices is already producing a sizable tax-cut effect, planting the seeds of recovery for mortgage-holding consumers and everyone else.