Monday, September 15, 2008

Babies Have a Right to Life, Senator Obama

A new 527 interest organization, Born Alive Truth, is distributing the testimony of abortion survivor Gianna Jessen, seen at the video:

Can you imagine not giving babies their basic human rights, no matter how they entered our world? My name is Gianna Jessen, born 31 years ago after a failed abortion. I’m a survivor, as are many others…but if Barack Obama had his way, I wouldn’t be here.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama voted four times against affording these babies their most basic human right. I have serious concerns about Senator Obama’s record and views on this issue, given he voted against these protections four times as a state Senator. Just as abuse victims share their stories to educate the public, fight for the common good and hope that as a result politicians do what’s right, I felt it was important to come forward and give these new born babies a voice.

I am living proof these babies have a right to live, and I invite you to learn more about Senator Obama’s record on this important issue.

-Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen
See also, Dawn Eden, "Obama: "The First Thing I'd Do as President ...", on a President Obama's first legislative act of signing into law the Freedom of Choice Act, which would reauthorize partial-birth abortions in the United States.

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