Monday, September 15, 2008

Atlantic to Apologize for Doctored McCain Photographs

Fox News reports that the Atlantic Monthly will apologize for pictures demonizing John McCain, which were posted at photographer Jill Greenberg's website. Greenberg worked under contract for the magazine in producing photographs for the Atlantic's latest cover story:

Jill Greenberg Images

The editor of The Atlantic Monthly said Monday he is sending a letter of apology to John McCain after a woman the magazine hired to photograph the Republican presidential nominee posted manipulated pictures from the photo shoot on her Web site.

Photographer Jill Greenberg, who is vehemently anti-Republican and expressed glee that the photos would stir up conservative ire, took pictures of McCain for the cover of The Atlantic’s October issue.

During the shoot, she took several other backlit pictures, which she then doctored and posted to her site. In one photo, she added blood oozing from McCain’s shark-toothed mouth and labeled it with the caption “I am a bloodthirsty warmongerer.” In another, a caption over McCain’s head says, “I will have my girl kill Roe v. Wade,” an obvious reference to his running mate Sarah Palin’s anti-abortion positions.

Editor James Bennet said Greenberg behaved improperly and will not be paid for the session. He said the magazine is also considering a lawsuit.
If you haven't seen them, Gawker's got Greenberg's additional "diabolical" McCain photos.

The Atlantic's got about as much credibility as Us Weekly, in any case.