Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Glimpse of Left-Wing America

Is the era of "post-partisan" America upon us, with the possible accession to power of "The One" in January? I wouldn't bet on it, if this video showing the left's reaction last Sunday in Manhattan to - blasphemy! - a pro-McCain victory march:

The Jawa Report suggests the scene is "a painful glimpse into a segment of America which is insular, bigoted and mired in despair."

The original hat tip goes to
The People's Cube:

These useful intellectuals turn out to be not as peaceful, inclusive, and open-minded as they claim to be. Take a peek into the glorious progressive world they want us to live in - they display zero tolerance to the opposing viewpoint, yet they want to impose their rule over our lives. Fugedaboudit! Republicans should be lucky New York doesn't have a Colosseum with lions.
I've been covering this stuff all week (with some predictable backlash), but for an even better overview of contemporary leftist ideology, see Dr. Sanity, "Competition for the Most Unhinged is Fierce - But There's a New Leader of the Pack" (and the winner is ... Naomi Wolf).