Friday, June 18, 2010

Obama Administration Files to Challenge Arizona's SB 1070

At Fox News, "Obama Administration Planning to File Suit Against Arizona Immigration Law," and Hot Air, "Breaking: WH Will Sue Arizona Over SB1070" (via Memeorandum).

This should be a battle to warm conservative hearts. You've got Governor Jan Brewer standing on principle to secure the southern border. She's got roughly two-thirds of Arizona voters backing her, and probably that nationwide. One the other hand, we've got the hardline leftist base of the Democratic Party hammering the Obama administration on "comprehensive reform" (amnesty). And lord knows we're talking about more than a few elderly precinct workers in Pasadena and Poughkeepsie. But also important is the controversy's shaping up as an epic battle over federal-state relations. And this is where various conservatives should be able to join together. In the tea party era is hard not to be for more limited government if you're a Republican. While folks might differ on economic vs. social issues, on immigration most factions can rally under the banner of devolution of governmental power to state and local officials. I imagine it's only the editorial board at the Wall Street Journal, and perhaps a few of the folks at Cato or Reason, who oppose making a stand with Arizona on this one. But if you watch the way Sarah Palin's playing it, I think you'll have a good feel for which way the winds blowing as fas as the November elections go.

At the viddy, Gov. Brewer on Greta's last night.
Some good stuff:

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Dennis said...

I think this is more to stop other states from doing the same as Arizona. I would also suggest that Obama and company don't think that they have a chance of prevailing. It is an attempt to use the Justice Department to threaten the states long enough to get by the November election.
I would posit that the democrats and the Obama administration see their future tied to getting as many illegals to vote as possible. They have to weaken the voting power of the electorate who does not like what they are doing. Progressive desire to take over this country hinges on illegals and the "Chicago" way.