Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Daisy Khan and Islamic Anti-Semitism

From Pamela, "Islamic Antisemitism 101: The Daisy Khan Con":

How dare Daisy Khan evoke the holocaust and the mass genocide of the Jews to smear those brave Americans who dare to stand up against Islamic supremacism and the tower of triumph under proposal for Ground Zero?

What has Daisy Khan done to expunge the Koran, hadiths and sira of the virulent antisemitism and calls for Jewish genocide enshrined in Islamic teachings? What has Daisy Khan done to denounce and rebuke the pivotal role the leader of the Muslim world and Hitler's ally (the Mufti haj al Husseini) had in the holocaust and the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Jewish women and children? Her husband, Imam Rauf of the Cordoba Imitative, pals around with the notorious Jew hater and America hater, Sheik Qaradawi. Is that the kind of mutual respect and mutual understanding we can expect to see fostered at the Ground Zero mosque and "islamic Cultural Center?" Will Qaradawi be asked to speak?

Who among my readers will gift Daisy the Con all of the complete works of the world's leading scholar on Islamic antisemitism, Bat Ye'or.
Also, Robert Spencer, "Wow: Daisy Khan says opposition to Ground Zero mosque 'like metastasized antisemitism'."

I wrote on this previously: "
Daisy Khan: Moving Islamic Center ‘Not’ On the Table for Now."


Dave said...

Here is my blog post concerning this hideous woman:


Damn, has this nation sunk far in the last six decades.


Rafael Michael Soto said...

Very well put! Please feel free to check out my blog at http://obamaantisemitic.blogspot.com