Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Terrorist Attack Assignment for High School Teens in Australia Causes Uproar

And that's on top of New York's pro-Islam/anti-Christian testing curriculum.

Warped minds thinks alike, worldwide no less...


From Perth Now:

STUDENTS at a West Australian high school have been asked to plan a terrorist attack that would kill as many innocent people as possible as part of an assignment.

The society and environment teacher at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School asked Year 10 students to pretend they were a terrorist planning a chemical or biological attack on “an unsuspecting Australian community”, it was reported this morning.

“Your goal is to kill the MOST innocent civilians in order to get your message across,” the assignment said.

The students had to explain their choice of victims and decide the best time and place for their attack.

Fifteen-year-old student Sarah Gilbert said she was horrified to get the assignment because if that sort of thing was found in your house you’d be arrested.

“But there is a difference between being a terrorist and learning about terrorism – it’s two completely different things,” she said.

After the story broke, survivors of the 2002 Bali bombing which killed 88 Australians and the victim’s families were appalled to hear about the terrorist attack assignment. So far, the Australian press hasn’t reported the identity of the teacher.