Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nation's Capital 'Jammed With Freedom Loving Patriots'

Tweets Amanda Carpenter:


More photos at Instapundit and Weasel Zippers. Michelle will be linking pics throughout the day, and she has this:
We’re hearing a lot about people criticizing the timing of the event, calling it insensitive for having the rally on the anniversary of Dr. King’s speech — but since most of this criticism is coming from people who are calling critics of the ground zero area mosque over-sensitive, let’s move on.
And heads continue to explode at the audacity of Glenn Beck and thousands of patriots marching to rescue liberty and the civil rights legacy. All Steve Benen can do is screech: "hate-filled demagoguery."

Plus, at ABC News, "
Sarah Palin at Glenn Beck's Rally: 'Dr. King Would Be So Proud'."


Opus #6 said...

So cool!

Anonymous said...

The Reb is represented!