Friday, August 27, 2010

Hotter than Hot Air

Robert Spencer reports on the fast growing readership at Jihad Watch:
The rise in readership here at Jihad Watch indicates that there is growing dissatisfaction among the American people about the quality of reporting they're getting on jihad issues from mainstream media sources. When Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews feature a spokesman for a Hamas-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group, without notifying their viewers about the unsavory ties of the spokesman they're featuring, and when they allow that spokesman to defame Americans who are trying to defend Constitutional freedoms and generally accepted principles of human rights, more and more people are realizing that these people are not journalists, but propagandists, and propagandists of the worst sort.

So they are turning away, in droves. And they are coming here, where the truth is told, fully and honestly and without obfuscation. With over three million unique visitors and counting, August 2010 has been our biggest month ever -- topping last month, which was our biggest month ever up to that point.
Maybe the new book had something to do with it as well.


Anonymous said...

Good for Spencer.

People need to get aware of what radical Islam is all about.

Dave said...

I, too, have found myself perusing Jihad Watch more of late.

Perhaps this whole FUMosqe kerfuffle will finally wake the American people up to the fact that we are dealing with a tyrannical political movement pretending to be a "religion."