Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Radical Ground Zero Victory Mosque Imam Thanks Obama For His Support

At Gateway Pundit:
The radical imam behind the Ground Zero Victory Mosque project, who said the U.S. is worse than Al-Qaeda, thanked Barack Obama today for his support on the project. The New York Daily News reported:

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf used his taxpayer-funded Mideast tour yesterday to praise President Obama’s qualified support for the mosque near Ground Zero.

“I am grateful to President Barack Obama and all those who expressed support for our project,” Abdul Rauf said at a dinner for student leaders in the Gulf state of Bahrain. the Gulf Daily News in Bahrain reported.


trencherbone said...

Child rape, torture and murder cover-up...

Next week is the sixth anniversary of the Islamic child-rape and torture orgy and massacre in the school at Beslan. Yet for six years the mainstream media have covered up who was responsible, with all mention of Muslims being censored.

This is of particular concern because there is evidence that jihadists are planning similar attacks against American schools.

So it's time to set the record straight, not only about the identity of these sadistic murderous savages, but also about the Islamic ideology that approves of pedophilic attacks on children as a way of hitting their 'najis kafir' parents. (All non-Muslims are 'najis' - literally 'filth'.)

Of course every culture produces rapists and child molesters, but in non-Muslim societies these are usually isolated loners. In contrast, Muslim rapists and pedophiles are well-organised, and these predators often hunt their prey in rape-gangs in a tradition of razzia going back to the 'prophet'. The reason for this cultural difference is that pedophilia and rape are abhorrent in civilized societies, but are acceptable to Muslims because the perps are dutifully following Mohammed's example - and Mohammed is the 'Perfect Man': a pedophile, torturer, rapist and mass-murderer.

Child-rape, as well as being a permitted means of satisfying the jihadists' religiously repressed lusts, also degrades, violates and humiliates the hated 'najis kafir' children and their parents, thus asserting the supremacy of Islam and Muslims.

Of course not all Muslims do this sort of thing. However all Muslims (presumably including the 'peaceful' Ground Zero Sufis) revere Mohammed as their role model, and as such have no religious or moral doubts about ANY course of action that increases the power of Islam.

Could everyone please use their blogs, networks and forums to ensure that this horrendous Islamic attack is not airbrushed out of history by the MSM. Full details:

JBW said...

*chuckle* OK trencherbone, let me see if I've got this straight because I want to make sure I'm following you here: pedophile Muslim child rapists are planning to attack American schools and every Muslim around the world tacitly approves of this. That's your theory?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that you either really hate Muslims or else you think everyone else is as stupid as you are crazy, and I'm putting money on the former. Wow.