Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NewsBusted: Time Poll: 1/4 of Americans Think Obama's a Muslim

Via Theo Spark:


Dennis said...

One wonders if there is not anyone in the US that Obama has not declared war on except Muslims, unions bosses and a compliant media. He has declared war on businesses, oil companies, states, people who fish, people who work for a living and any American who actually thinks for him/her self. The "he cannot be a Muslim" line is on the money because he does seem to be truly fascinated with himself to the point of acting GOD like. How dare anyone question the motives of the "One?"

Dave said...

My guess is the actual percentage of Americans that believes B Hussein Obama to be a Musli, is probably significantly higher, but some of the respondents fudged their answers out of fear of being thought of as racists.

Nevermind that Obama is only half black, and Islam itself is not a race.