Thursday, August 26, 2010

G-Pal, Pay-Pal — No Pals?

I recently sent an old-fashioned check to a fellow blogger who's facing a round of serious underemployment. Folks were hitting his tip jar, to much appreciation. But I asked for a land address so I could write a check. I don't use these financial transaction websites. I don't solicit tips here, for one thing, and I don't need to sign up for another website that I don't trust. (R.S. McCain vouches for Pay-Pal, but I've heard differently — remember Pamela Geller's recent experience.)

In any case, here's
an interesting testimonial on G-Pal, which is apparently friendly to gun owners (via Instapundit):
I am irritated that gPal did not notify me in advance of this known issue. If gPal was having problems transferring money, it should have been noted on the website so that people attempting to transfer funds would have been aware of the possible delay and made arrangements if the delay was unacceptable. While I cannot be 100% sure this was the case, it would appear that I only received the notification that funds were delayed because I complained. Then, when I asked for a check, again I was left in the dark that it could be weeks before it was cut due to the volume and only received it when I did because I managed to suffer through horrific, on-hold music and a voice that told me every 10 seconds how important my call was and that the wait time is now greater than it was a minute ago.

At this point and time, I cannot recommend gPal for transactions. I am not implying that they are shady, but I do get the distinct impression that they are not capable of performing the job you expect them to. Again, this is my opinion based on my single transaction with them and is not intended to claim this is what happens to everyone. Your mileage, of course, may vary.